Shannon Quaid

Fourth Grade

B.S., St. Xavier University

A lifelong South Sider, Ms. Quaid taught in public schools in Chicago and the suburbs before joining MPA in 2016.


What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The start of each school year brings new faces, personalities and possibilities. At the end of each summer I can’t wait to get in the classroom to meet my new students and see that they share in my excitement for the new school year. Each year is a new adventure filled with friendships, learning experiences, opportunities, and challenges. No two days are the same. No two years are the same. I look forward to what each day brings and hope my students feel the same!

How do you inspire students to enjoy learning?

One of the main indicators of my success is how well I motivate and help my students learn. In order to achieve success, I try to develop relationships with each child to identify the best way to help him or her grasp new concepts and succeed academically. I work hard to create new lessons each year that are relevant with each new class in order to keep myself and students engaged and active in the learning process. I try to create a classroom that is a friendly place where students feel heard, valued and respected. Everyone is recognized for their contributions which helps them to take a genuine interest in their studies.

What do you want students to take away from having known you?

I hope students will leave my classroom knowing that kindness, mutual respect, patience, and self-confidence will help them greatly in pursuing happiness in future endeavors. I hope I have proved to be a positive role model in this respect. I have shared many conversations with students during Morning Meeting, lunch, recess, and after school conveying the importance of these values. I will always be here to listen and help support students in achieving their goals, whether it is a daily goal or a goal set for the future, current student or former student, I will always have time to listen. Not only do I care about their education, but I care about their growth as an individual as well.