Radio/Podcasting Class Uses New Tech to Create Old-Fashioned Fun


By Kyle Garmes The Beverly Review Morgan Park Academy (MPA) students are combining new-age technology with old-fashioned entertainment to provide senior citizens with smiles and laughter. As part of a radio/podcasting class, MPA students are teaming up with Make Grandma Smile, a Chicago therapy and technology organization, to create an old-fashioned radio show that will be sent to senior citizens around the city who are in assisted-living homes. Those seniors are also producing similar shows to be sent to MPA students. The final performances are scheduled to be completed by mid-April, and MPA sophomore Kaleb Bandele is looking forward to their [...]

Radio/Podcasting Class Uses New Tech to Create Old-Fashioned Fun2021-04-07T12:26:26-05:00

Dream It, Build It, Do It


The Thrall Family Makerspace opens up a world of hands-on imagination, design, and exploration for students and teachers. The lower level of Hansen Hall has seen many changes over the decades, but the newest renovations might be the most exciting yet. Thanks to a $150,000 contribution from the family of Jerome Thrall ’44, the entire floor has been remodeled to create a makerspace for Morgan Park Academy students and teachers, opening up a series of interconnected spaces designed for imaginative, collaborative, and hands-on learning, building, and exploration. Opened in Fall 2018, the Thrall Family Makerspace contains resources and space for computers [...]

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Robotics Team Closes Strong at Final Tournament


Upper School's robotics team closed the competition season with their best performance, winning three of five matches at the final league tournament last weekend as part of the FIRST Tech Challenge. Project-based, hands-on FIRST programs introduce students to coding, programming, and engineering in an environment where students work collaboratively to solve a yearly robotics challenge. Nicknamed “Betty,” this year's MPA robot was designed, built, programmed, and operated by seniors Zach Guido, Shane Liu, Chloe Phoenix, Rustam Wallace-McFarland, and Luming Zhao; juniors Hunter Vujevic and Sherman Wang; and freshmen Andrew McClendon and Joshua Sun. >> BLOG: EXPLORING ROBOTICS & PROGRAMMING PHOTO SLIDESHOW [...]

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Keeping Kids Safe Online


The question of monitoring what their children see online is always a frequent one for families. Online content can include awful images or adult movie trailers that pop up amid the cute stuff, prompting nightmares or raising eyebrows. What can you do? You can set parental controls — or sit next your child to monitor every viewing experience — but broadly, it’s important to know what your kids are watching. Platforms such as YouTube, Fortnite, Roblox are all open season, with little warning about what children will see. For more traditional TV shows, movies, and video games, Common Sense Media is [...]

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Robotics Team Captures 2nd Place


Competing in their first meet of the season, Upper School students on the Morgan Park Academy robotics team placed second out of 14 teams in the FIRST Tech Challenge’s Chicago South League on Nov. 17, 2018. Project-based, hands-on FIRST programs introduce students to coding, programming, and engineering in an environment where students work collaboratively to solve a yearly robotics challenge. This year, the 30th season of FIRST, each team was challenged to build a planetary rover that would move around a 12-by-12-foot floor and compete against other schools’ robots to collect “minerals” on an alien planet. Nicknamed “Mama,” the MPA robot [...]

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Reviving WMPA Radio


By Tim O'Brien The Beverly Review Ben Rosen knew he wanted to get into radio broadcasting, especially doing play-by-play announcing, but he didn’t want to jump in without any experience. So, the Morgan Park Academy (MPA) senior started thinking outside the box. In preparation for doing play-by-play on MPA’s student radio, Rosen turned to sports video games, especially an iconic favorite. A Morgan Park resident, Rosen has worked this fall and winter to revive WMPA Radio, MPA’s student-run radio station. “I’d do play-by-play of my friends playing [Madden NFL] just to get the experience,” Rosen said. “I love doing radio, and [...]

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