Neolithic Expert’s Virtual Visit Brings Ancient History to Life


Morgan Park Academy sixth-graders enjoyed a unique resource in their study of ancient history: a virtual lesson from and conversation with archaeologist and Neolithic Revolution expert Chris Kerns. Kerns told students on about his work in archaeology, especially the time he spent in Orkney, Scotland. He also shared why aliens could not have built Stonehenge. Kerns explained the likely ways that Neolithic people brought the stones to Stonehenge and theories about what the area might have been used for. He fielded their questions about his path to becoming an archaeologist, the coolest thing he’s ever found in his field work, and [...]

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Veterans Day 2021


Veterans Day means a little extra at a school whose 150-year history includes several decades as a military academy. We remembered the contributions of American veterans with a virtual program conducted by seventh- and eighth-grade students and broadcast all over campus. Students also visited virtually with David Estes, an eighth-grade alumnus of the Academy who served in the Vietnam War and now is the education director at the Livingston County War Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Morgan Park Academy (@morganparkacademy)

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MPA Ranked Among the State’s Top Private Schools


Morgan Park Academy remains the top school in Chicago’s Southland area and one of the best in the state, according to an annual report from the school rankings and reviews website MPA was among 2.5% of schools nationwide to receive an overall grade of A+ and ranked No. 8 among Illinois K-12 private schools and No. 13 among the state’s private high schools. On diversity, long a strong suit, the Academy again earned the highest marks, ranked seventh in the state and in the top 100 nationally among most diverse private high schools. >> GLOBAL FOCUS PUTS MPA AMONG CHICAGO [...]

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Eighth-Graders Qualify for History Fair State Finals


Morgan Park Academy’s annual eighth-grade history fair project produced not only a host of outstanding exhibits, but also six qualifiers for the state finals in Springfield. Kaylyn, Lauren, Oriah, Sophia, Walter, and Caitlin will represent MPA at the state level after being recognized by judges at the Chicago Metro History Fair regional competition. The six students joined classmates Teddy, Chase, Madison, and Anna at regionals after being selected as best in class by MPA faculty. Morgan Park Academy eighth-graders participate each year in this popular and challenging competition, researching and presenting a long-form research project. Over three months of work during [...]

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Designing Your Own Historic Basilica


Seventh-graders designed their own basilicas in history class, planning, drawing, and labeling both an architectural plan and an artistic drawing of the outside of their creation. Throughout the early Christian world, these large churches were created to bring together communities after Christianity was legalized. They allowed people to have a place of worship and, for some, a place to dedicate their lives to Christ. These basilicas would become the centers of Christianity, power, and law for early Medieval Europe and beyond. Students chose from eight historic cities in locating their basilicas: Alexandria, Egypt; Aleppo, Syria; Rome, Italy; Antioch (Antakya) Turkey; Constantinople [...]

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Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19


From remote learning to safely reopening campus, Morgan Park Academy has adapted and endured during a historic year. They weren’t expecting a pandemic. But when one arrived, Morgan Park Academy faculty and staff were prepared for the unexpected. Faced with the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, they drew on deep reserves of skill and knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and dedication, working together to continue providing an exceptional educational experience for MPA students and families in an unprecedented time. Last March, faculty and staff created a full remote learning experience for 500 students and teachers with a few days’ notice, an emergency provision [...]

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Lunar New Year 2021


Morgan Park Academy students marked the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Ox with a celebration of Chinese history and culture from ancient to modern times on Feb. 12, 2021. Led by our international students from China, the annual MPA event also featured students in Upper School and Middle School Mandarin language classes and saw a host of musical and dance performances and presentations about history, traditions, and popular culture. VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION VIDEOS

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Tackling the Challenges of Simultaneous Instruction


By Mila Koumpilova Chalkbeat Chicago This fall, Morgan Park Academy teacher Emily Fitch found herself in a position for which her training had not prepared her: About a dozen students were in her sixth-grade classroom, while another half-dozen were on a computer screen, tuning in via Zoom. Fitch grappled with pressing questions: How could she best engage with both groups of learners at the same time? How to ensure her “Zoom kids” were heard and recognized in the classroom, making them feel they were fully a part of the learning experience? Simultaneous instruction, as it’s called, is fast becoming a fixture [...]

Tackling the Challenges of Simultaneous Instruction2021-02-24T12:35:45-06:00
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