Snapshot: Boats & Balloons in the Makerspace


Eighth-graders explored engineering and design in the Thrall Family Makerspace with a pair of science projects. First, they researched, designed, and built boats using only straws and duct tape, testing and redesigning them to make sure they were seaworthy. Later, they experimented with letting air out of balloons of different sizes to see how far they could get one to fly when released.

Snapshot: Boats & Balloons in the Makerspace2020-09-11T15:13:37-05:00

Snapshot: Food Science Class


Studying the essential elements of nutrition, Middle School students in food science class planned and prepared recipes for healthy snack wraps featuring fresh foods such as mangoes, avocados, green peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Next up: research projects on the good and bad of today's "fad" diets! PHOTO SLIDESHOW

Snapshot: Food Science Class2020-05-05T13:48:00-05:00

Snapshot: Kindergarten Indoor Snow


Twenty acres of snow outside on campus wasn't enough — MPA kindergartners made their own indoors! This hands-on project in the Thrall Family Makerspace saw students experiment with the balance of frozen baking soda and shaving cream to get a mixture that felt like real snow, and then use silicone baking molds to press shapes and make snow cupcakes and snowmen. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

Snapshot: Kindergarten Indoor Snow2021-01-08T12:29:09-06:00

Snapshot: Fifth Grade Marshmallow Engineering


Putting their STEM skills to use, fifth-grade teams competed to build the tallest free-standing structure, using 20 dry spaghetti sticks, 25 marshmallows (5 large, 20 small), 1 yard of string, and unlimited Scotch tape. The next generation of engineers and architects looks promising! PHOTO SLIDESHOW

Snapshot: Fifth Grade Marshmallow Engineering2020-05-07T12:12:40-05:00

Snapshot: Woodworking in AP Physics


AP Physics students designed and built 15 stools for our new Makerspace, using the woodworking tools in our new Makerspace — because why buy furniture when you can make it? Working in two groups of three, the six-person class set about to make a pair of prototype stools, researching to determine the best angles for the legs and how to use dowels, screws, and cross-center pieces to provide support. With the prototypes completed, the class discussed the pros and cons of each design and developed a plan for construction of the remaining stools. Currently in the sanding and finishing stage, the full [...]

Snapshot: Woodworking in AP Physics2020-05-07T12:13:24-05:00
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