Third Grade Welcomes Visiting Author


Third-graders were excited to welcome a visit by Dr. Eve L. Ewing, the author of the book they’re reading, Maya and the Robot. Ewing, a sociologist of education and award-winning author, talked with students about life as writer, answered questions about Maya and her work for Marvel Comics, and led students in a group writing exercise to create their own story about Rosie, a 9-year-old in Paris who has to overcome her fear when zombies attack her ice cream shop. SEE MORE PHOTOS A Chicago native, Ewing is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social [...]

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MPA Ranked Among the State’s Top Private Schools


Morgan Park Academy remains the top school in Chicago’s Southland area and one of the best in the state, according to an annual report from the school rankings and reviews website MPA was among 2.5% of schools nationwide to receive an overall grade of A+ and ranked No. 8 among Illinois K-12 private schools and No. 13 among the state’s private high schools. On diversity, long a strong suit, the Academy again earned the highest marks, ranked seventh in the state and in the top 100 nationally among most diverse private high schools. >> GLOBAL FOCUS PUTS MPA AMONG CHICAGO [...]

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Second Grade Welcomes Poet Laureate for National Poetry Month


Second-graders have been learning about poetry during National Poetry Month this April, including a virtual visit from poet Karen Christensen. Christensen (a.k.a. Deborah’s grandmother) is the city of Aurora's poet laureate, the author of several collections of poetry and creative non-fiction, and the founder of the poetry group A-Town Poetics. Her poetry has been used for a number of public presentations, including National Poetry Month exhibits in collaboration with the Illinois State Poetry Society. Christensen told students about her role as poet laureate and read some of her favorite poetry. They discussed how poetry doesn't always have to rhyme or use [...]

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Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19


From remote learning to safely reopening campus, Morgan Park Academy has adapted and endured during a historic year. They weren’t expecting a pandemic. But when one arrived, Morgan Park Academy faculty and staff were prepared for the unexpected. Faced with the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, they drew on deep reserves of skill and knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and dedication, working together to continue providing an exceptional educational experience for MPA students and families in an unprecedented time. Last March, faculty and staff created a full remote learning experience for 500 students and teachers with a few days’ notice, an emergency provision [...]

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Lunar New Year 2021


Morgan Park Academy students marked the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Ox with a celebration of Chinese history and culture from ancient to modern times on Feb. 12, 2021. Led by our international students from China, the annual MPA event also featured students in Upper School and Middle School Mandarin language classes and saw a host of musical and dance performances and presentations about history, traditions, and popular culture. VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION VIDEOS

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Why Family Game Night is More Important Than Ever


Do you enjoy playing board games with your child, or do you shudder with dread at pleas to play Pretty, Pretty Princess or Hungry, Hungry Hippos just one more time? Are you thinking of your to-do list as you agree to one more game? I know I was! But making time for screen-free activities with children, especially when they are younger, is very important -- and we've all had plenty of time lately for fun nights at home together. Games can teach children important skills that are crucial to success in school. Board and card games with dice or number cards [...]

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Teaching Kindness


As the school counselor, part of my role includes teaching character education to Lower School students. These classes meet once a week to learn how to follow the MPA Way: Be Kind and Do Your Best. Doing your best is an umbrella for a few topics, including academics, goal setting, celebrating individuality, being proactive, and practicing mindfulness. The umbrella of kindness, however, is a bit more complex, as one cannot simply direct a child to "be nice." Emotional intelligence and empathy are very much intertwined with understanding how to be kind, along with learning to acknowledge and appreciate peers’ unique strengths [...]

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Snapshot: Kindergarten Math


How is your number chart filling out? Kindergarten is past 60 now! Each morning students add a number to the school year's ongoing tally and practice writing numbers, counting by fives and tens, and exploring the different ways you can represent a number. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Tackling the Challenges of Simultaneous Instruction


By Mila Koumpilova Chalkbeat Chicago This fall, Morgan Park Academy teacher Emily Fitch found herself in a position for which her training had not prepared her: About a dozen students were in her sixth-grade classroom, while another half-dozen were on a computer screen, tuning in via Zoom. Fitch grappled with pressing questions: How could she best engage with both groups of learners at the same time? How to ensure her “Zoom kids” were heard and recognized in the classroom, making them feel they were fully a part of the learning experience? Simultaneous instruction, as it’s called, is fast becoming a fixture [...]

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