Examining Social Questions Through Statistical Analysis


How does a good night's sleep affect your overall health? Is there a connection between income and religion? Are teenagers who have lost a parent more likely to use marijuana? Morgan Park Academy juniors and seniors in AP Statistics used programming and statistical analysis to examine challenging social questions like these in an extensive research project. Students used the industry-leading SAS software suite to dig into data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, a nationally representative study that has followed more than 20,000 people from adolescence to adulthood over the past 25 years. “The study of statistics [...]

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Eighth-Graders Qualify for History Fair State Finals


Morgan Park Academy’s annual eighth-grade history fair project produced not only a host of outstanding exhibits, but also six qualifiers for the state finals in Springfield. Kaylyn, Lauren, Oriah, Sophia, Walter, and Caitlin will represent MPA at the state level after being recognized by judges at the Chicago Metro History Fair regional competition. The six students joined classmates Teddy, Chase, Madison, and Anna at regionals after being selected as best in class by MPA faculty. Morgan Park Academy eighth-graders participate each year in this popular and challenging competition, researching and presenting a long-form research project. Over three months of work during [...]

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How Does a Zombie Virus Attack the Brain?


Faced with scattered reports of a zombie apocalypse, Upper School students in psychology class gathered and presented research on the effects the mysterious infection has on the human nervous system, the endocrine system, and the brain. Students sought to answer: - What areas of the body (nervous, endocrine, and brain) does the zombie virus affect? - How do the diseased areas of the brain influence the behavior of infected individuals? - What instruments would you use to diagnose the infected areas of the brain? - How can we treat the zombies? Psychology is an Upper School elective course that introduces students [...]

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Designing Your Own Historic Basilica


Seventh-graders designed their own basilicas in history class, planning, drawing, and labeling both an architectural plan and an artistic drawing of the outside of their creation. Throughout the early Christian world, these large churches were created to bring together communities after Christianity was legalized. They allowed people to have a place of worship and, for some, a place to dedicate their lives to Christ. These basilicas would become the centers of Christianity, power, and law for early Medieval Europe and beyond. Students chose from eight historic cities in locating their basilicas: Alexandria, Egypt; Aleppo, Syria; Rome, Italy; Antioch (Antakya) Turkey; Constantinople [...]

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Hamlet Comes Alive in Virtual Shakespeare Slam


With traditional theatre productions on hold, Morgan Park Academy thespians teamed up to participate in a virtual version of Chicago Shakespeare Theater's fourth annual Chicago Shakespeare Slam. Teams representing high schools from across the Chicago region collaborated to celebrate the power of Shakespeare and their own voices as the program went remote this year because of the ongoing impact of COVID‑19. Students’ efforts culminated in a collaborative, filmed production of Hamlet, streamed online in two shows on January 13-14, 2021. “I’m so proud of these students,” said Peggy Bergin, Morgan Park Academy’s Director of the Arts. “We haven’t been able to [...]

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Fifth Grade Explores Native American History & Culture


Fifth-grade study of the history and culture of Native American tribes culminated with a research project analyzing the impact that the local environment had on various tribes living all over North America. After learning about the continent's diverse terrain, fifth-graders used models of clay and other materials to form their understanding of the geography of their assigned region. Working in teams, students chose a tribe to research — such as Blackfoot, Aztec, Apache, Seminole, and Crow — examining how they adapted to and modified elements in their unique environment and climate. Each team presented their findings to and took questions from [...]

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Sixth-Graders Connect With Peers for Global Dialogue


MPA sixth-graders joined children from schools across the world on Nov. 17, 2020, for a global dialogue about their shared experience of the pandemic. Five of our students gathered online with more than 150 children from 10 states and India, England, and Mexico, to discuss the following questions: How has the global pandemic impacted you and your school? What about your larger community or city? What are some of the economic, environmental, and ethical issues related to this topic? What can we learn about citizenship and leadership through these experiences and conversations? What is the role you think science plays in [...]

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Texting with the Founding Fathers


“LMAO,” John Adams replied. “You are too much. You saucy. But no.” Morgan Park Academy students in AP U.S. History class reimagined 18th-century letters between our second president and his wife, Abigail, as modern-day text messages, showing the timelessness of the ideas, sentiments, and debates in the 250-year-old exchanges. Abigail Adams was the American Revolution's most articulate and influential woman, even at a time when educational opportunities for women were limited, and was a crucial intellectual partner in our nation's first power couple. She began one exchange in spring 1776 with a letter urging him and the other members of the [...]

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Freshmen Dig Into Ancient Civilizations


MPA freshmen have been busy in world history class this semester, working on campus and remotely on individual and group projects to dig into the rulers and civilizations of the ancient world. King of Kings In one project, students worked in teams to research, write, and argue the cases for Xerxes, Darius, and Cyrus, variously, as the greatest king of kings from Ancient Persia, the world's first empire. They researched the time period, accomplishments, ideologies, ruling style, and mistakes of their assigned king, using factual evidence, visuals, and persuasive argument to present the case for him and against the other two [...]

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