Exploring International Relations at Model UN


Morgan Park Academy’s Model UN club took part in its first conference of the school year, with two dozen Upper School students joining hundreds of their peers from schools across Chicagoland at Saint Ignatius College Prep on Nov. 6, 2021. MPA students introduced motions, defended positions, and built coalitions while representing various countries in UN committees focused on issues including climate change and women's rights and while participating in simultations of organizations such as the College Board and the NFL Players Association. The team is comprised of seniors Elijah Davis, Chelsea Dunlap, Celia Echols, Ignatius Gathman, Faiz Hashmi, Christian Ikediobi, and [...]

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Third Grade Welcomes Visiting Author


Third-graders were excited to welcome a visit by Dr. Eve L. Ewing, the author of the book they’re reading, Maya and the Robot. Ewing, a sociologist of education and award-winning author, talked with students about life as writer, answered questions about Maya and her work for Marvel Comics, and led students in a group writing exercise to create their own story about Rosie, a 9-year-old in Paris who has to overcome her fear when zombies attack her ice cream shop. SEE MORE PHOTOS A Chicago native, Ewing is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social [...]

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Neolithic Expert’s Virtual Visit Brings Ancient History to Life


Morgan Park Academy sixth-graders enjoyed a unique resource in their study of ancient history: a virtual lesson from and conversation with archaeologist and Neolithic Revolution expert Chris Kerns. Kerns told students on about his work in archaeology, especially the time he spent in Orkney, Scotland. He also shared why aliens could not have built Stonehenge. Kerns explained the likely ways that Neolithic people brought the stones to Stonehenge and theories about what the area might have been used for. He fielded their questions about his path to becoming an archaeologist, the coolest thing he’s ever found in his field work, and [...]

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Examining Social Questions Through Statistical Analysis


How does a good night's sleep affect your overall health? Is there a connection between income and religion? Are teenagers who have lost a parent more likely to use marijuana? Morgan Park Academy juniors and seniors in AP Statistics used programming and statistical analysis to examine challenging social questions like these in an extensive research project. Students used the industry-leading SAS software suite to dig into data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, a nationally representative study that has followed more than 20,000 people from adolescence to adulthood over the past 25 years. “The study of statistics [...]

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Second Grade Welcomes Poet Laureate for National Poetry Month


Second-graders have been learning about poetry during National Poetry Month this April, including a virtual visit from poet Karen Christensen. Christensen (a.k.a. Deborah’s grandmother) is the city of Aurora's poet laureate, the author of several collections of poetry and creative non-fiction, and the founder of the poetry group A-Town Poetics. Her poetry has been used for a number of public presentations, including National Poetry Month exhibits in collaboration with the Illinois State Poetry Society. Christensen told students about her role as poet laureate and read some of her favorite poetry. They discussed how poetry doesn't always have to rhyme or use [...]

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Studying Latin & Greek Roots in English Class


English class in Middle School also includes study of Latin and Greek root words, as seventh- and eighth-grade students build their vocabularies and learn how to decode unfamiliar words they may encounter. Knowing how to break down words like these is a vital skill for reading, writing, and overall learning in high school and college, English curriculum leader Sandra Burgess said. "This helps a student not only build a working vocabulary, but also construct a basic meaning for a new or unfamiliar word," Burgess said. "Students who learn this skill see their vocabularies grow and their anxiety lessen. "In college, approximately [...]

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Texting with the Founding Fathers


“LMAO,” John Adams replied. “You are too much. You saucy. But no.” Morgan Park Academy students in AP U.S. History class reimagined 18th-century letters between our second president and his wife, Abigail, as modern-day text messages, showing the timelessness of the ideas, sentiments, and debates in the 250-year-old exchanges. Abigail Adams was the American Revolution's most articulate and influential woman, even at a time when educational opportunities for women were limited, and was a crucial intellectual partner in our nation's first power couple. She began one exchange in spring 1776 with a letter urging him and the other members of the [...]

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