6 Reasons Why We Travel


An old Chinese proverb says that traveling ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books. While I would never discourage reading, which gives us knowledge that our ancestors gained over centuries, traveling is an equally indispensable method for young people to better understand the world. At Morgan Park Academy, students frequently explore off campus and throughout the Chicago area, including national and international travel for students in grades 7-12. >> READ MORE: GLOBAL WEEK 2018 Here are a few of my favorite benefits that travelers of all ages experience: Traveling allows us to experience firsthand the varieties of the [...]

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My Project Week Trip to India


By Vincent Oganwu ’17 Editor’s Note: A key part of Morgan Park Academy’s global curriculum is a week of school-wide global explorations each March, which this year included a Project Week trip to India. This trip to India was definitely a life-changing experience. We participated in various activities ranging from traveling past the Himalayas, to seeing the Dalai Lama, visiting the Taj Mahal, and participating in service projects. [Read more about this trip and view our explorers’ photo gallery.] Prior to the trip, I was anxious and a bit nervous; however, I was eager to explore, learn new things, and to interact [...]

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