Welcoming International Students From Across the Globe


Ranked for years among the most diverse private schools in Illinois, Morgan Park Academy’s focus on global studies and community diversity includes the arrival of 13 high school students from across the globe for the 2021-2022 school year. Students from China, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Taiwan joined the MPA community this fall — some as four-year students and others on one-year exchange programs — and are living with host families throughout the Beverly and Morgan Park area. “International students and student exchange have a long history at Morgan Park Academy, and we are proud to have so many students from [...]

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Celebrating Black History


Proud to be one of the most diverse and inclusive school communities in Chicago, we celebrated Black history and culture in February with a month of lessons and activities “Black history is American history,” Head of School Mercedes Z. Sheppard said. “We are in the fabric and backbone of every aspect of American culture. Our struggles and triumphs have influenced every area of American history, from music and literature to education and politics. “One of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou, said it best: ‘Won’t it be wonderful when Black history and Native American history and Jewish history and all of U.S. [...]

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Designing Your Own Historic Basilica


Seventh-graders designed their own basilicas in history class, planning, drawing, and labeling both an architectural plan and an artistic drawing of the outside of their creation. Throughout the early Christian world, these large churches were created to bring together communities after Christianity was legalized. They allowed people to have a place of worship and, for some, a place to dedicate their lives to Christ. These basilicas would become the centers of Christianity, power, and law for early Medieval Europe and beyond. Students chose from eight historic cities in locating their basilicas: Alexandria, Egypt; Aleppo, Syria; Rome, Italy; Antioch (Antakya) Turkey; Constantinople [...]

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Lunar New Year 2021


Morgan Park Academy students marked the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Ox with a celebration of Chinese history and culture from ancient to modern times on Feb. 12, 2021. Led by our international students from China, the annual MPA event also featured students in Upper School and Middle School Mandarin language classes and saw a host of musical and dance performances and presentations about history, traditions, and popular culture. VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION VIDEOS

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Less Me. More Global Community.


The T-shirt read: "Less me. More global community." It struck me: Yes! That's exactly what the world today needs. Less me. Less you, too — no offense. Less selfies. Less "Look at me. Take my picture." Less tweeting about yourself. Less self-absorbed, narcissistic behavior and less societal reinforcement of said behavior. Instead, what the world needs is more people looking out at the environment that surrounds us, paying attention to the connectedness of all things. Great thinkers through time have known this. Buddha knew this. Chief Seattle knew this. Thoreau knew this. John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club, knew this [...]

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Fifth Grade Explores Native American History & Culture


Fifth-grade study of the history and culture of Native American tribes culminated with a research project analyzing the impact that the local environment had on various tribes living all over North America. After learning about the continent's diverse terrain, fifth-graders used models of clay and other materials to form their understanding of the geography of their assigned region. Working in teams, students chose a tribe to research — such as Blackfoot, Aztec, Apache, Seminole, and Crow — examining how they adapted to and modified elements in their unique environment and climate. Each team presented their findings to and took questions from [...]

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Sixth-Graders Connect With Peers for Global Dialogue


MPA sixth-graders joined children from schools across the world on Nov. 17, 2020, for a global dialogue about their shared experience of the pandemic. Five of our students gathered online with more than 150 children from 10 states and India, England, and Mexico, to discuss the following questions: How has the global pandemic impacted you and your school? What about your larger community or city? What are some of the economic, environmental, and ethical issues related to this topic? What can we learn about citizenship and leadership through these experiences and conversations? What is the role you think science plays in [...]

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Native American Texts Open a Multiplicity of Voices


American Literature class begins with a foundational focus on pre-colonized America, as sophomores study Native American culture through stories, poems, and speeches before learning about colonial literature of the pre-Revolutionary War period. “We begin our study with Native American literature as they are the first Americans,” teacher Meg Carey said. “Particularly, we look at origin stories, and we are creating a graphic representation of the Iroquois people's origin story. It's the first stop on the question of identity, and the first stop on a journey that examines how the many cultures of America create the voices of our literature.” In addition [...]

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Snapshot: Eighth Grade Mandarin


With only three students, eighth-grade Mandarin 2 class has plenty of time for individual instruction, whether in person or over Zoom! Chase, Micaiah, and Najja are studying the second-biggest Chinese holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival (a.k.a., Moon Festival), which falls on October 1 this year. They will be reading (and reading aloud) famous Chinese poems about the holiday and enjoying the beautiful full moon at home this week with their families.

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