Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19


From remote learning to safely reopening campus, Morgan Park Academy has adapted and endured during a historic year. They weren’t expecting a pandemic. But when one arrived, Morgan Park Academy faculty and staff were prepared for the unexpected. Faced with the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, they drew on deep reserves of skill and knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and dedication, working together to continue providing an exceptional educational experience for MPA students and families in an unprecedented time. Last March, faculty and staff created a full remote learning experience for 500 students and teachers with a few days’ notice, an emergency provision [...]

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Why Family Game Night is More Important Than Ever


Do you enjoy playing board games with your child, or do you shudder with dread at pleas to play Pretty, Pretty Princess or Hungry, Hungry Hippos just one more time? Are you thinking of your to-do list as you agree to one more game? I know I was! But making time for screen-free activities with children, especially when they are younger, is very important -- and we've all had plenty of time lately for fun nights at home together. Games can teach children important skills that are crucial to success in school. Board and card games with dice or number cards [...]

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Snapshot: Kindergarten Math


How is your number chart filling out? Kindergarten is past 60 now! Each morning students add a number to the school year's ongoing tally and practice writing numbers, counting by fives and tens, and exploring the different ways you can represent a number. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Tackling the Challenges of Simultaneous Instruction


By Mila Koumpilova Chalkbeat Chicago This fall, Morgan Park Academy teacher Emily Fitch found herself in a position for which her training had not prepared her: About a dozen students were in her sixth-grade classroom, while another half-dozen were on a computer screen, tuning in via Zoom. Fitch grappled with pressing questions: How could she best engage with both groups of learners at the same time? How to ensure her “Zoom kids” were heard and recognized in the classroom, making them feel they were fully a part of the learning experience? Simultaneous instruction, as it’s called, is fast becoming a fixture [...]

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Showcasing P.E. Skills at the Gym Show


Lower School students showcased the skills they’ve mastered in P.E. class this school year at our annual Gym Show on Feb. 28, 2020. All students from Pre-K through grade 5 worked with P.E. teachers to learn and rehearse routines, set to music, that showcase fitness, dance, tumbling, eye-hand coordination, and sport-specific skills. “The Gym Show is a wonderful spotlight on our mission to educate the whole child,” Lower & Middle School principal Heather Kurut said. “Each student, regardless of natural athletic ability or rhythmic confidence, is able to learn a coordinated routine that showcases units of study in P.E. Our goal [...]

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Snapshot: Kindergarten Indoor Snow


Twenty acres of snow outside on campus wasn't enough — MPA kindergartners made their own indoors! This hands-on project in the Thrall Family Makerspace saw students experiment with the balance of frozen baking soda and shaving cream to get a mixture that felt like real snow, and then use silicone baking molds to press shapes and make snow cupcakes and snowmen. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Snapshot: Pre-Kindergarten Activity Centers


After their morning meeting, PreK-4 students enjoyed their choice of a variety of activity centers that reinforce classroom learning: making the letter of the week with play-dough, practicing writing letters using marker boards, making friendship bracelets to strengthen fine motor skills, and creating pictures with pattern blocks. PHOTO SLIDESHOW (see more)

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The Power of Playdough


Children love playdough! Parents hate it! It’s messy. The crumbs get ground up in the carpet and are impossible to get out. It sticks to socks, shoes, and anything that comes in contact with it. Inevitably it ends up on the floor. What a headache! And, the kids aren’t learning anything by playing with it. Right?  Or, are they? Actually, manipulating playdough fosters growth in many developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to: Strengthen small finger muscles (necessary for fine motor skills such as holding a pencil and writing) through squishing, rolling, flattening, cutting, pinching, shaping, etc. Develop social and [...]

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