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At a small school, it’s easy to get involved in sports, arts, clubs, and other extracurricular activities that provide students with opportunities to expand their horizons and explore. The MPA experience includes dozens of different extracurricular groups representing a broad spectrum of interests for students of all ages.

Some of these groups reflect students’ modern interests, while others are deeply grounded in the history of our school. It’s safe here to try new things. The point of high school at MPA is expanding your horizons and even discovering something completely new — whether that’s mock trial, robotics, or improv comedy — that catches your interest and you love doing. Some MPA students are on the robotics team and take trigonometry.

The point guard on the basketball team might also be the band’s trombone player. A section leader in chorus could be a top-flight history fair competitor since fourth grade. Or the guitar player on the campus quad who’s also an ace on the tennis court. If a student’s passions and experiences are not represented by the activities currently offered, he or she can propose a new group. This type of student initiative, leadership, and service is encouraged and celebrated. Sustained and meaningful involvement in after-school activities is one of the many goals we have for our students at MPA.

Beyond the classroom, this involvement provides special opportunities for community building as students work towards common goals. Leadership skills, responsibility, friendship, a sense of belonging, and self-esteem are often developed as students become committed to a club, team, or group.

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