Middle School Faculty

Heather Kurut
Lower School & Middle School Principal; Upper School Chorus
Jennifer Schmidt
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Peggy Bergin
Drama & Theatre; Director of the Arts; Arts Curriculum Leader
Colleen Amberg
Middle School Humanities
Joanne Barnicle
Technology Teacher and Integrator
Ewa Bloch
Middle & Upper School Art
Sandra Burgess
Middle & Upper School English & Social Studies; English Curriculum Leader
Dan Cantone
Lower & Middle School P.E.; Instrumental Music Lessons
Caris Cardona
Middle School Math
Anne Carlson
Instrumental Music Lessons
Michael Ellis
Middle & Upper School Music and Band
Paula Etheridge
Middle & Upper School Social Studies
Emily Fitch
Middle School Humanities; Director of Global Studies
Katherine Gunty
Middle School Science
Queenetta Harris
Middle & Upper School Spanish; World Languages Curriculum Leader
Sarah Haskins
Lower & Middle School French
Sarena Marwah-Blanke
Lower & Middle School P.E.
Gloria Ortiz
Lower & Middle School Spanish
Ashley Perisee
Middle & Upper School Spanish
Peggy Scolan
Middle School Math
Dali Shi
Lower & Middle School Mandarin
Jennifer Stec
School Counselor
Kathleen Tangel
Middle & Upper School French
Vinson C. Williams
Lower & Middle School Athletics Director; Lower & Middle School P.E.
Heng Zhao
Middle & Upper School Mandarin; Director of Global Studies