The Thrall Family Maker Space— amazing spaces to

Discover spaces designed for creativity and experimentation.

Hands-on, experiential learning, which is a focus all over campus, finds perhaps its purest expression in the Thrall Family Maker Space, an open workspace designed for collaborative and hands-on learning, building, and designing.

The Thrall Family Maker Space

By combining a multimedia area, a woodworking space, a 3D printing and robotics area, a kitchen, and a multi-purpose science area, the spaces are designed to meet the needs of creative students and faculty.

No matter the equipment, the mindset of a maker space is one of exploring new areas of interest and creating realities out of ideas.

The Thrall Family Maker Space allows MPA students to learn through application, instead of simply demonstrating their expertise of concepts through application. This allows for a more deeply ingrained level of critical thinking and increases student engagement as they are more quickly able to see the outcomes and consequences playing out in front of them.

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