How You’ll Learn

How You’ll Learn2023-12-18T11:19:40-06:00

Built around small class sizes and strong teacher-student relationships, the MPA experience invites students to develop a worldview rooted in their own culture while broadening and deepening their thinking beyond the boundaries of campus, city, and country.

With a ratio of one teacher for every eight students, MPA students not only have the opportunity to speak up and stand out in the classroom, on stage, and on the athletic field, but also to develop genuine, personal relationship with teachers that foster academic achievement and create a sense of community.

Graduates emerge as confident young adults, original thinkers, and creative problem solvers. They progress into the next stages of their lives well-prepared for advanced college coursework and poised to meet and exceed the high expectations that they refined at MPA.

Speak Up & Stand Out

With an average size of fewer than 15 students, our discussion-based classes encourage full-voiced participation and safe intellectual risk-taking, giving every student the opportunity to speak up and stand out.

Teachers Who Know You

Our approachable, relatable teachers invite dialogue, infuse relevance into lessons, and forge meaningful connections with students because they know real learning takes real relationships.

Explore & Experiment

All students learn best when they apply concepts to real life. So we’ve designed our curriculum to take students outside the classroom to explore and experiment.

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