Eighth Grade Creates Immigration Stories


Eighth-graders in history class created first-person journals to document the journey of immigrants coming to America through Ellis Island. Within the bounds of historical accuracy, students embraced their creative freedom while telling stories about leaving home, traveling by boat, passing inspection, settling in a new neighborhood, and facing discrimination. Some students even included real documents from their immigrant ancestors! LEONA'S ELLIS ISLAND JOURNAL ANNIE'S "COMING TO AMERICA" JOURNAL

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Second Graders Share Family Traditions


What's your favorite family tradition? Second-graders shared their diverse cultures by interviewing family members about traditions they celebrate at home, including the special foods and items that are involved and how they got started. From making tamales on Christmas Eve to vacationing in Florida for spring break to hunting chocolate eggs and going to church on Easter, they sound like a lot of fun! OUR FAMILY TRADITIONS - MS. HALVORSEN'S CLASS OUR FAMILY TRADITIONS - MS. HICKS' CLASS

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Snapshot: TED Talks in AP English


Upper School students in AP English Language and Composition put their research, composition, and persuasive writing skills to the test in delivering presentations in the style of TED Talks. Ta'liyah on Moral Behavior Annika on Eating Healthy Frank on Nuclear Proliferation (excerpt)

Snapshot: TED Talks in AP English2020-05-28T14:35:12-05:00

Snapshot: Food Science Class


Studying the essential elements of nutrition, Middle School students in food science class planned and prepared recipes for healthy snack wraps featuring fresh foods such as mangoes, avocados, green peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Next up: research projects on the good and bad of today's "fad" diets! PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Snapshot: Kindergarten Indoor Snow


Twenty acres of snow outside on campus wasn't enough — MPA kindergartners made their own indoors! This hands-on project in the Thrall Family Makerspace saw students experiment with the balance of frozen baking soda and shaving cream to get a mixture that felt like real snow, and then use silicone baking molds to press shapes and make snow cupcakes and snowmen. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

Snapshot: Kindergarten Indoor Snow2021-01-08T12:29:09-06:00
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