Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Vishal Mehta ’91


Dr. Vishal Mehta ’91 is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine with an emphasis on arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder and knee, and cartilage transplantation and restoration. He is the President of Fox Valley Orthopedic Institute, where he leads the organization to achieving its goal of providing exceptional, innovative orthopedic care to Chicagoland and beyond. Dr. Mehta began his career in high finance, and over the years he has successfully combined his skills and passions, leveraging his orthopedic knowledge and business acumen into innovative business ventures such as Healthy-TXT™ and MedWaitTime. The founder of the Fox Valley Orthopedic [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Jalen


Jalen Morehouse College Major: Business Hometown: Ashburn "Jalen has been an absolute pleasure to have in class for the past two years. He embraces the qualities of a life-long learner with his openness, curiosity, and desire for self-improvement. In addition to the academic growth that I have witnessed over two years, Jalen continues to be a bright spot to everyone he encounters. "His welcoming and caring nature makes everyone feel included. I cannot recall a morning where Jalen did not greet his peers (and teachers) with a smile. His amazing attitude, perseverance, and integrity are assets that will serve Jalen well [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Isabella


Isabella University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Political Science Hometown: Canaryville "Isabella takes responsibility for her education and is committed to doing her best. She is a focused student who resists the urge to be distracted by others. "Isabella is a born presenter. She uses her well developed vocabulary to express ideas clearly, both verbally and through writing. This combination of skills allows her to execute debates, discussions, and presentations effortlessly. Isabella receives classmates' comments and ideas without interrupting, but also is never afraid to rebut with a logical and persuasive argument. "As I have taught Isabella, I also have learned from her. [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Frank


Frank Vanderbilt University Major: Math Hometown: Shanghai, China "Frank excels at almost everything academically and is also a very talented artist and soccer player. His skills with the French language were admired by all in class. He has natural abilities in math and science and was an excellent contributor on the academic challenge and math teams. "Last year he collected PPE to donate to first responders and people in the local community. He volunteered his own time and money to do this. On campus, Frank organized the National Honor Society tutoring program, matching students who needed help with the available student [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Lauryn


Lauryn University of Missouri Major: Pre-Pharmacy Hometown: South Holland "I cannot help but smile when I think of Lauryn. We share such funny memories and I know I will never forget her. Lauryn has always been someone I could rely on to have deep, meaningful conversations, while also finding humor within those conversations. History wasn't her favorite subject, but Lauryn always had a smile on her face and worked hard. She would take time out of her busy days to stop in to catch up with her old teacher. Those moments would really make my day! "In addition to academics, Lauryn [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Yiorgios


Yiorgios Loyola University Chicago Major: Biology Hometown: Palos Hills "Upon meeting Yiorgios his sophomore year, I immediately knew he was one of a kind. He quietly and confidently displayed his intelligence humbly in the history classroom. Yiorgios seamlessly grasped complex concepts and skills that were beyond the average. I can still remember the research paper he wrote and how advanced it was for a 15-year-old! "In addition to possessing natural intelligence, I know that Yiorgios is a true friend and ally to his peers. Two years after our class together, Yiorgios still would take time to stop by my classroom to [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Edith


Edith School of the Art Institute of Chicago Major: Fashion Design Hometown: China "Edith is a talented, imaginative, and skillful artist and a young woman conscious about contemporary issues, which she tackles in her art. She spent her final semester at MPA commenting on animal rights through her art. She explored the multimedia approach, combining two-dimensional media with sculpture and fashion. Edith is a 'natural born' artist who is not afraid to voice her concerns using visual language." — Art teacher Ewa Bloch >> MEET THE CLASS OF 2021

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Matthew


Matthew University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Major: Computer Engineering Hometown: Crete "I have a hard time narrowing down adjectives to describe Matthew, as he is quite a character. Matt is hard-working, creative, kind-hearted, and full of personality. Above all else, he has a huge heart and cares about those around him. You can't help but smile when you are around him, whether it be because he is telling some outlandish story or just being his usual self. "He is always willing to lend a helping hand to peers or teachers, whether he is in the classroom or on the basketball court. [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Hunter


Hunter Kansas State University Major: Animal Sciences Hometown: Hyde Park "Sometimes it seems that Hunter is too willing to hide her light under a basket. But that would be true only if you think that one’s light can only shine as pride. Her ability to think deeply, explore, expand, and solve problems are on display in any class, even if her hand isn’t the first to fly in the air. But shining one's light extends beyond what comes naturally. "Hunter frequently engages in cautious risk-taking and discretion as shown when she joined and became a key member of the robotics team. [...]

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Alumni Spotlight: Anand Mehta ’90


Anand Mehta ’90 is the Chief People Officer at Compass, joining the company in August 2020 after 12 years at Bridgewater Associates. He attended Yale University, graduating with an B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics. He also holds an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Q&A What have you been up to since graduating from MPA? It has been quite an adventure! After MPA I attended Yale, where I took advantage of the full course catalog. After graduation I spent five years in banking and technology consulting, returning to Chicago for my MBA at Northwestern. Interestingly, I met a fantastic [...]

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