Valedictory Address 2021


Equally passionate about academics, athletics, service, and leadership, Emmett Campbell ’21 graduated as a member of the Cum Laude Society and National Honor Society. He also received a pair of annual senior awards, the Dr. Larry Brown Science Award and the Annie E. Heath Senior Mathematics Award. Emmett served on Student Council, captained the Model UN team, and was a key contributor for Service Council and the boys soccer and baseball teams. As a sophomore and junior, respectively, he won annual awards for U.S. history and English. A native of Beverly, he plans to study molecular and cellular biology next fall [...]

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Why Family Game Night is More Important Than Ever


Do you enjoy playing board games with your child, or do you shudder with dread at pleas to play Pretty, Pretty Princess or Hungry, Hungry Hippos just one more time? Are you thinking of your to-do list as you agree to one more game? I know I was! But making time for screen-free activities with children, especially when they are younger, is very important -- and we've all had plenty of time lately for fun nights at home together. Games can teach children important skills that are crucial to success in school. Board and card games with dice or number cards [...]

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Teaching Kindness


As the school counselor, part of my role includes teaching character education to Lower School students. These classes meet once a week to learn how to follow the MPA Way: Be Kind and Do Your Best. Doing your best is an umbrella for a few topics, including academics, goal setting, celebrating individuality, being proactive, and practicing mindfulness. The umbrella of kindness, however, is a bit more complex, as one cannot simply direct a child to "be nice." Emotional intelligence and empathy are very much intertwined with understanding how to be kind, along with learning to acknowledge and appreciate peers’ unique strengths [...]

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Less Me. More Global Community.


The T-shirt read: "Less me. More global community." It struck me: Yes! That's exactly what the world today needs. Less me. Less you, too — no offense. Less selfies. Less "Look at me. Take my picture." Less tweeting about yourself. Less self-absorbed, narcissistic behavior and less societal reinforcement of said behavior. Instead, what the world needs is more people looking out at the environment that surrounds us, paying attention to the connectedness of all things. Great thinkers through time have known this. Buddha knew this. Chief Seattle knew this. Thoreau knew this. John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club, knew this [...]

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Does Your Child Really Need a Smartphone?


Added to the age-old conundrum of when to give your child the car keys for the first time, is a 21st-century parenting question: At what age should a child have his or her own smartphone? This is a tricky situation. You might be a parent who simply got tired of your child asking to use your phone. Or maybe you caved to pleas of “But all the other kids in my class have one!” But does your child really need a smartphone? It could do more harm than good. A student with a smartphone has instant access to other students, 24/7. [...]

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Surviving Sophomore Year


One of the enduring patterns I’ve seen in 30-plus years educating high school students is that for most of them, sophomore year is big leap from freshman year. You are given much more responsibility, you are expected to know so much more, and the classes are much more difficult. As a freshman, you’re introduced to high school and you’re just learning the ropes of it. The following year, you get hit with more work, more tests, and more unexpected quizzes. Also, this is the first point when students can take AP classes, might have multiple honors-level classes, and/or are completing some [...]

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Valedictory Address 2020 /// I Thought We Could


Equally passionate about academics, arts, athletics, service, and leadership, Celeste graduates as a member of the Cum Laude Society, National Honor Society, and French Honor Society. She also received the Martin Wolf Service Award. A native of Crown Point, Indiana, she plans to study neuroscience on a pre-med track at the University of Michigan. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Good morning, everyone! It feels nice to be finally reunited after a long, extended break. I guess it's reasonable to say that our current arrangement for graduation is a first. From whatever corner of the world you're watching this — whether it is on an [...]

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What’s the Point of Summer Reading?


Summer reading assignments, a classic part of the American educational experience, still play an important role at Morgan Park Academy. >> SUMMER READING LIST 2020 (GRADES 2-12) >> MIDDLE SCHOOL SUMMER READING CHALLENGE 2020 We know that students who read throughout the summer are better prepared for the upcoming school year. Cultivating a love of reading, and more important, a habit of reading, all while students build better vocabularies, investigate new subjects, and improve their critical thinking skills.  We know that students who enter college having read an average of 20 minutes a day become familiar with approximately 8 million (yes, [...]

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