Project Description

Fourth Grade

B.A., Carleton College
M.A.T., Northwestern University


What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love spending time with children at our school, from the 3 year olds to grade 12! I enjoy learning from and with my students. I feel good when I can encourage students to be kind, caring, responsible, and curious human beings. I want to share in the excitement of learning new things and putting ideas together to make positive contributions to our world.

Why do you choose to work at MPA?

Working at MPA is a good fit for me because I appreciate the freedom we have to be creative in our teaching here. I love to design curriculum and plan just the right activities to cover required material in ways that will draw students in and make concepts and skills meaningful for them. I also appreciate the diversity of our school and all the wonderful and interesting students and families I have gotten to know over the years.

What experiences or people had the most influence on you?

My parents helped my sisters and me to grow up loving learning, and being curious explorers of the natural world, human history, sciences, arts, languages, literature and cultures. We traveled through books and other resources, visited other state and countries, and gained exposure to lots of interesting people and their ideas. I have always been a listener and appreciate all I can learn from others, including my past and current colleagues at MPA.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I love stories about real people and fictional ones! I am always reading multiple books and enjoy listening to audio books and watching films and other media. I am a member of several book clubs for the pleasure of discussing things we have read and spending time with friends. I restore myself with yoga classes and art classes and attending cultural events like plays and concerts. Spending time in nature also replenishes me, both in the wild and working in the MPA garden. I am a lifelong learner and enjoy finding out about the world through travels, museum visits, and attending retreats and conferences.