Above all, a Morgan Park Academy education is one of academic excellence. Our rigorous, liberal arts education is the foundation for students developing intellectually, acquiring a body of knowledge that will help them succeed in school, college, and beyond.

By maintaining rigorous academic standards, we stretch our students’ imagination and intelligence, preparing them for college scholarship and lifelong learning. Morgan Park Academy attracts students with strong academic potential. When these students work, learn, and grow together in small classes with great teachers, they are able to attain their personal best at every milestone.

This wide breadth of academic experiences in all grades results in higher scores on standardized tests. Our faculty do not teach to the test, but rather expose students to the skills, challenges, and curriculum they need to succeed in standardized tests. A one-on-one college counseling program gives students the individualized attention they need to choose the college that is right for them, and with consistently high scores on the ACT, AP, and SAT, our graduates are accepted to top colleges and prepared for lifelong success.

Academic success in the 21st century revolves around access to and comfort with a digital world. At the Academy, students are exposed to technology and its learning power on a daily basis, in age-appropriate ways.

Mrs. Sheppard

Academic Excellence

• Small, discussion-based classes
• Approachable, relatable teachers
• A spacious, self-contained campus quad
• An experiential curriculum
• A perspective-widening, global focus
• Ambitious, hard-working classmates
• A trusting, respectful school culture
• Imaginative, disciplined arts
• Competitive, inclusive athletics
• Thorough, thoughtful college counseling

Global Week 2024

One key part of Morgan Park Academy's global curriculum is a school-wide Global Week each March. Upper School and Middle School students and teachers come together outside the classroom to share a broader range of learning experiences focused on language and culture, service, and sustainability. Lower School students explore the world's countries and cultures closer to home.

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