A Global Approach

A Global Approach2021-03-18T14:53:49-05:00

“We want students to understand that Chicago isn’t everything, that we have a responsibility toward the larger world that we are a part of.”

— Head of School Mercedes Z. Sheppard

World Ready

From preschool to senior year, we show our students the world, integrating a perspective-widening, global focus throughout the MPA experience.

Scores of students travel abroad each year, and on campus we interpret events and ideas in their larger, global context, challenging students of all ages to step outside their comfort zones and their zip codes. Learning from and with peers from a host of cultures and nationalities, students prepare to meet head-on the challenges of an increasingly global world.

Study of world languages begins in PreK, and students explore French, Mandarin, and Spanish on a rotating basis before picking a language to focus on in fifth grade.


Exploration at Every Age

Chicago Private School - Australia
Lower School
Learning beyond borders.

Chicago Private School - Seventh Grade
Middle School

Stepping out into the world.

Upper School

Becoming global leaders.

Global Events

More to Explore

Global Week 2022

One key part of Morgan Park Academy's global curriculum is a school-wide Global Week each March. Upper School and Middle School students and teachers come together outside the classroom to share a broader range of learning experiences focused on language and culture, service, and sustainability. Lower School students explore the world's countries and cultures closer to home.

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