DePaul University

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Justice

In their own words:

“What makes MPA so great is not only the community, but the education. Throughout my entire time at MPA, I always felt like I could learn things even outside of the classroom. It’s a great school for social growth, with the amount of clubs and events to experience. The teachers feel less like boring lecturers and more like mentors to guide you towards a better future.”

Their teacher says:

Perry has been such a wonderful addition to MPA. Perry has a wonderful insight and adds to class discussions in a meaningful way. He is a kind, caring, and honest individual; Perry is also responsible, and his love of learning is evident in both his written as well as his oral expression. It has been my pleasure to have Perry in class and watch him develop his skills with his presentations and his speeches. Perry is a lifelong learner who embraces the qualities needed for higher education. I will miss seeing him on campus, but know he is ready for the next chapter. Perry, you make me so proud!

— Dr. Kicmal