Dominican University of California

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Lakeshore East

In his own words:

“During my time at MPA, I have made many friendships and experienced new adventures. These experienced include going to Greece and Italy with my classmates, having debates in class about math, and making memories with friends. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my teachers over the past 13 years guiding and influencing me. Overall my MPA experience will be one that I will always remember.”

His teacher says:

“In short, Mikhai is an art lover. From the sixth-grade after-school art class every year until the past fall, Mikhai continued taking art courses. He was persistent in perfecting his skills and exploring the language of visual arts, which he can now ‘speak’ eloquently, conveying his ideas and concerns. He has high expectations of himself and does not give up until they are met. Mikhai is a very personable, polite, and inquisitive young person who is not afraid to speak up for his cause.”

— Ms. Bloch