Howard University

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Beverly

In his own words:

“During my time at MPA I’ve learned to be unapologetically me. I’ve learned that not everybody will accept you for who you are but it is up to you to persevere and ignore doubters. I was close-minded my freshman year at MPA, I didn’t talk to anyone because I deemed them as unworthy of my words so sat in silence. But deep down I was afraid of being judged, I was afraid of not being liked by my peers and most notably I didn’t like my peers. This close-minded mindset left me with no friends, no girlfriend, and a lunch table all to myself. However! My junior year of high school I realized that this type of mindset would leave me to be a loser. So I made a change! I decided that I would attempt to make friends with who I saw fit. So I did exactly that, I went out of my way to talk to people without worrying if they saw me as, ‘cool’ or ‘swaggy.’ Because I knew either way I would still be myself no matter what my peers had said about me.”

His teacher says:

“Truly a social influencer as his 650k subscribers can attest. KJ has a chill cool demeanor, and a general ability to adapt to situations. Also a standout on the basketball court. KJ really enjoys life! He makes the most out of the opportunities provided and lives in the moment. His presence on the Costa Rica trip added humor and enjoyment for everyone. His energy on campus will be missed.”

— Mr. Ellis