University of Michigan

Major: Engineering
Hometown: Gage Park

In her own words:

“During my freshman year of high school, I remember questioning whether MPA would be the right school for me. I can now confidently answer that question with, yes, it was.

“I now ask myself how four years could significantly change my life this much. MPA truly brought such a beautiful community to me, allowing me to use my individuality beneficially along with providing me with an environment filled with incredible peers and faculty whom I could create meaningful relationships with.

“I am genuinely very proud and happy to see all my peers come so far, and I look forward to hearing about the fantastic accomplishments they come to bring.

“Lastly, I will remember the lunch table that brought me some of the loudest laughs. Each one of the people there gave me so much joy, and I am still in denial that I won’t see them every morning.”

Her teacher says:

“Cassandra can do so many different things simultaneously: organizing clubs such as diversity council and prom committee, studying, playing sports, being a good friend to all those around her, and staying current with fashion trends. I am always so impressed by how she finds the time! She isn’t afraid to stand up for those around her and to vigorously defend what she believes to be right. I know her friends would describe her as someone who they respect and know they can truly count on. I believe the possibilities of what Cassandra may pursue in life are endless. Although, one thing I am sure of is no matter what her career, she will always be passionate, helpful, and a great contributor to her community.”

— Mrs. Panek