Cornell University

Major: Business
Hometown: South Loop

In her own words:

“Over the course of my four years in high school, I have countless fantastic memories to recollect. Project Week has been my favorite part of the MPA experience. During my freshman and senior years, I traveled to Tennessee and Florida. I was exposed to different kinds of cultures, learned a variety of skills, and formed lasting bonds with a group of friends. Furthermore, numerous teachers have given me lessons that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Fahey, Mrs. Drown, Ms. Desai, Mrs. Rathi, Ms. Yoon, and the rest of the teachers. They not only educated me as my teachers, but they also supported me throughout my path. Thank you MPA for an incredible four years; I could not have accomplished anything without this community.”

Her teacher says:

“Tiffany has always been a go-getter! Since her freshman year, I have been impressed by her ability to seemingly do it all and do it all so well. She is a standout student both in the classroom and at events like BPA, math team, and so much more.

“What I have enjoyed most about Tiffany is her easygoing personality and willingness to share her culture with everyone. A year ago, I asked if she would do a day of cultural immersion for a local elementary school district and she and her friends created an awesome presentation that involved storytelling, music, traditions, and language. I enjoyed watching Tiffany interact with the younger students and I especially enjoyed seeing how much the younger kids were fascinated with everything they were learning from Tiffany and her friends.

“Tiffany has used proceeds from her Butterfly’s Dream retail business to help provide necessary school supplies and masks for not only schools in her neighborhood, but also schools near MPA. Tiffany is always looking for ways to help others and I will miss her generous spirit. I will also miss our conversations and her genuine interest in all things relating to MPA life, not just academics.”

— Mrs. Drown