DePaul University

Major: Data Science
Hometown: Beverly

In his own words:

“I transferred to MPA mid-year in seventh grade due to bullying at my old school. The difference was immediately noticeable; however, still missing my old friends, the shift was difficult. Luckily, the community at MPA made it easy to make friends and become a part of the community.

“I’ve had a lot of great teachers over the years. I think one of my favorites has been Mr. Novack. Anyone who remembers eighth grade might recall how every class with him felt like a reality TV show, and him walking across the desk in the middle of a lesson. Leaving MPA is going to be hard; however, I’m sure there are even greater things lined up for us in the future.”

His teacher says:

“Quiet in nature, Rory is talented, skillful, and hardworking. I watched him develop his drawing and painting skills over the past six years and I am amazed at what he has accomplished. His ability to depict what he sees exceeds my expectations. Every project he undertakes is executed to perfection no matter how long it takes.”

— Ms. Bloch