University of California, Berkeley

Major: Applied Mathematics
Hometown: Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China

In his own words:

“My time learning at MPA has been a fascinating and remarkable experience for me. Being very bad at English, I felt the world was crashing when getting a B in my first semester of literature class. It was the first B in my life! However, MPA is a place that embraces cultural diversity. All of the teachers and classmates are there to help me get out of the difficult times. I feel so warm and welcomed by the whole community. It drives me to work hard in classes and participate in all kinds of student clubs or competitions to make my contribution to school and improve myself.

“MPA has not only taught us how we should be continuously learning, but also taught me to be an independent, global thinker. We have the Passion Project to build our interests and even dreams, Service Day to help others, Project Week to learn more skills and broaden our horizon by seeing the world, and a college counseling program that helped me to get into UC Berkeley!

“Looking back during the past four years, I have grown from a worrying child to a dedicated adult who can be responsible for my actions, goals, and decisions. I believe I will carry what MPA taught me into college and the rest of my life, and become a better person.”

His teacher says:

“Merlin is one of the smartest students that I’ve ever met. He felt ill during this year’s ICTM math competition, but still achieved the highest score. I’m impressed by his confidence and methodical approach in solving math problems. Besides the excellence he showed in academics, he also actively took leadership roles in all kinds of clubs and activities. Merlin has a heart of gold. He always looks to help people, through tutoring, helping with BPA’s donut sales for Ukraine, and assisting with other groups’ Project Week videos. I can’t wait to see what future lies ahead for this great young man.”

— Ms. Wang