New York University

Major: Economics
Hometown: Shandong, China

Her teacher says:

“I got to know Lydia in my AP Calculus AB class. She seemed like a typical top student — working hard, setting high standards for herself, actively participating in all kinds of clubs and activities in and out of school — until I saw her Passion Project. I was stunned! This teenager already had her own business plan.

“I’m fascinated by her bubble tea innovation project, where she took initiatives in conducting market research and competitive analysis, creating three new bubble tea flavors and selling them in the market. She successfully executed all these with local businesses in her hometown. What a young entrepreneur! I won’t be surprised to see, actually I’m quite looking forward to seeing her as a young business lady in the news one day or running into one of her stores, bubble tea or whatever. I know that she’ll stun me again.”

— Ms. Wang