Savannah College of Art and Design

Major: Fashion Design
Hometown: South Holland

In her own words:

“When I think of my Morgan Park Academy experience, I think of all the fun times I had being here. From tennis to the musical to lunch to the Lower School library, I am going to miss all of the laughs I shared with my amazing friends throughout these four years. My friends made me feel excited to come to school every day despite all of the early mornings. MPA has allowed me to experience new things; for example, being the assistant director for the school’s production of ‘Big Fish’ or going to Los Angeles for the first time. I will always be grateful for the memories I’ve had at this school. To my amazing family, teachers, and especially friends, thank you all so much for making me feel loved and appreciated.”

Her teacher says:

“Jada loves fashion and because of that she studied French for a while. Even when she decided to leave her French study to pursue more art classes, she continued to pop her head in on my classroom to give all of us a friendly bonjour!

“Jada is always eager to try anything new, even things that might be outside her comfort zone. This spring she took on the role of assistant director for the Upper School musical, “Big Fish.” She is a strong member of the Arts Council and the yearbook staff, also joining the knitting and crocheting club this year.

“May her future be filled with fun fashion and maybe a bit of French too! Her kindness and enthusiasm will be missed.”

— Mme. Tangel