Butler University

Major: Political Science
Minor: Critical Communication and Media
Hometown: Beverly

In her own words:

“As one of the remaining ‘lifers’ in the senior class, spending over 12 years at MPA since kindergarten has been a rewarding experience and one that I will certainly never forget. When asked to write about a favorite memory, it is impossible for me to choose just one because looking back every day holds a special meaning.

“Whether it was walking to classes with my best friends or traveling the world with our teachers, MPA has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities that I know I would not have received anywhere else. Although I look forward to the next chapter in my life, it is hard to say goodbye, and I know MPA will forever be a second home to me.”

Her teacher says:

“When I think of Hannah, I think of someone who is a leader, compassionate, committed, caring, dedicated, meticulous, mature, and always stylish! She has always contributed to our MPA community in positive and whole-hearted ways. Our newspaper and yearbook have seen so much success due to her dedicated and persevering attitude. Hannah never lets any obstacle stand in the way of her vision and goals. With all her skills and talents, from writing to dancing, I have no idea what her future holds, but I do know it will be paved with many accomplishments and successes.”

— Mrs. Panek