University of Wisconsin-Madison

Major: Economics
Hometown: Dolton

In his own words:

“From doing service farming in Arkansas to dog sledding in Quebec, Morgan Park Academy has granted an immense amount of unforgettable experiences that will resonate with me for my lifetime. Inside or outside the classroom, the education that has been provided to students at this school truly prepares one for college and higher levels of education. For my past seven years at Morgan Park Academy, I can only be grateful for the solicitous actions of my teachers and the support of my fellow classmates. MPA will forever be another home of mine, and I am very grateful to have been blessed and raised by this wonderful institution.”

His teacher says:

“D’J. can be a bit of a cypher. Chat with him briefly or watch him hang with friends or work a room and he seems to be, if not a busybody, then certainly a deal-maker. In a classroom, he is always talking — and much of the time, it is about the lesson. The difference is vast between D’J. the somewhat bewildered freshman and D’J. the senior who seems to have it all together. Yet he isn’t a chameleon changing himself to blend in or to please others. Instead, he has simply found his super power. He is a connector, drawing others together so that the disparate people become a group. His humor, his humility, and his work ethic have helped him play a role in shaping the foundation of the Class of 2022’s culture.”

— Ms. Concannon