The George Washington University

Major: Biochemistry (Pre-Med)
Hometown: Hyde Park

In his own words:

“MPA has always served as a second home to me and my family. I loved having the opportunity to play soccer alongside a great group of boys who were assiduous learners of the game. I am grateful for my mother, my teachers, and my amazing peers who have made this journey one to remember. I am forever grateful for this astounding institution that has made me the man that I am today.”

His teacher says:

“Quiet and unassuming, Christian works hard, listens carefully, and works diligently yet quietly to forge his own path. Occasionally he makes a small shake of the head and resets himself, but he never seems off balance — instead, it is as if he is simply steadying himself. On the soccer field, however, we see a slightly more aggressive side of him: a talented player with a great touch on the ball. A highlight might be at the Homecoming game, when he was taking a free kick. He was about 25 yards out from the goal. He struck the ball with power, and just enough finesse to beat the keeper and score. This mix of deference, skill, and a sense of the moment — on the field, in the classroom — assures us that his skills of observation and reading the moment will lead him to wherever he chooses to go.”

— Ms. Concannon