Eastern Illinois University

Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Bridgeport

In his own words:

“The Project Week trip during my senior year was a life-changing experience for me. It helped me learn more about myself and my classmates. But the most weird and special day of the trip was when we hung out with this other school group from Miami in our hotel lobby. It was unexpected, and it was great to see that everyone was enjoying their time in Arizona.”

His teacher says:

“It has been my pleasure to have Angel as both a student and an advisee for the past four years. In addition, Angel has also been a valuable member of the newspaper club and is truly gifted in his written expression. Angel has always offered unique perspectives in classroom situations and his perspectives allow others to look at things differently. Angel has grown into a confident, young man who takes initiative. An example of this is the establishment of a modern book club that he founded this year. Angel is creative, kind, and compassionate; these traits will continue to serve him (and others) as he pursues his post-secondary goals. Angel, you will be missed!”

— Dr. Kicmal