Morgan Park Academy sixth-graders enjoyed a unique resource in their study of ancient history: a virtual lesson from and conversation with archaeologist and Neolithic Revolution expert Chris Kerns.

Kerns told students on about his work in archaeology, especially the time he spent in Orkney, Scotland.

He also shared why aliens could not have built Stonehenge. Kerns explained the likely ways that Neolithic people brought the stones to Stonehenge and theories about what the area might have been used for.

He fielded their questions about his path to becoming an archaeologist, the coolest thing he’s ever found in his field work, and the challenges of building a career in his field.

Of course, the students’ favorite part was learning about the grossed and smelliest thing he’s ever found!

Next up for the class is a virtual visit with an anthropologist, courtesy of the educational program Skype a Scientist.