Loyola University Chicago

Major: Biology
Hometown: Palos Hills

“Upon meeting Yiorgios his sophomore year, I immediately knew he was one of a kind. He quietly and confidently displayed his intelligence humbly in the history classroom. Yiorgios seamlessly grasped complex concepts and skills that were beyond the average. I can still remember the research paper he wrote and how advanced it was for a 15-year-old!

“In addition to possessing natural intelligence, I know that Yiorgios is a true friend and ally to his peers. Two years after our class together, Yiorgios still would take time to stop by my classroom to say hello his senior year. Although small, those moments mean a lot and won’t be forgotten. He should be proud of the young man he has become, and I look forward to seeing the future success he will become!”

— History teacher Vanessa Cleys