Millikin University

Major: Early Childhood Education / Special Education
Hometown: Riverdale

“Competitive, kind, and passionate are words that describe Sham. Sham never does anything halfway. She is determined to pursue with great enthusiasm her goals on the basketball and volleyball courts, in the classroom, at her job, or with her friends.

“Sham is a pleasure to have in class. She has a great sense of humor about herself and doesn’t take things too seriously. Sham is honest and humble and is more concerned with being authentic than looking good to others. This is a quality that is challenging for many to embody, but Sham encourages others to have the freedom to be honest as well.

“Sham has left her mark on MPA and those who have had the joy of knowing her. I will miss the relentless passion and kindness that she shows to all those around her. I am certain that Sham will continue to leave her mark wherever her path leads in the future.”

— Math teacher Catie McAlister