Kansas State University

Major: Animal Sciences
Hometown: Hyde Park

“Sometimes it seems that Hunter is too willing to hide her light under a basket. But that would be true only if you think that one’s light can only shine as pride. Her ability to think deeply, explore, expand, and solve problems are on display in any class, even if her hand isn’t the first to fly in the air. But shining one’s light extends beyond what comes naturally.

“Hunter frequently engages in cautious risk-taking and discretion as shown when she joined and became a key member of the robotics team. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but she chooses to do so judiciously. She shares her light with her friends, to whom she is unfailingly supportive and kind, yet unafraid to speak the truth. Her intelligence and diligence are clear to any who know her and yet she remains humble.”

— English teacher Claire Concannon