Meet the Class of 2021 — Sabrina


Sabrina Babson College Major: Entrepreneurship Hometowns: Bridgeport and Foshan, China "Sabrina has come into her own and it’s been so gratifying to see. The biggest change in Sabrina is that she has found her spark and her drive. Year by year, her self-confidence has grown and it shows in the way she conducts herself in class. She speaks with a different tone and is willing to offer her opinion, but is respectful of others. She gives thoughtful and helpful constructive criticism. "A three-year member of the speech club, Sabrina has been the backbone of the club. Despite all the deadlines and [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Andrew


Andrew University of California, Berkeley Major: Biochemistry Hometown: The Loop "Truly an independent thinker and a planner, Andrew did his best as Student Council president to lead his classmates forward during these uncertain times. His ideas for the student body involved careful and creative planning. He continued to find ways to connect with students by coming up with the idea of the fall 'kickback event' and a Kahoot game. Andrew could be seen around campus as a good role model for his peers, connecting with them in person or via Zoom. "Always ready to express his viewpoint on just about any [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Samuela


Samuela University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med) Minor: East Asian Studies Hometown: Kenwood & Hyde Park "It is truly my pleasure to have Samuela in my class for the past four years. As a member of the National Chinese Honor Society and the top student in all levels of Mandarin classes for all four years, her passion for learning the Chinese language and culture and her exemplary work ethic make me feel fortunate to have such a student in my teaching career. "I also feel fortunate to meet this young lady in my life because she has such a [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Sherman


Sherman Penn State Harrisburg Hometown: Beijing, China "Sherman is his own man. He is an expert drone pilot, and has demonstrated that in Jones Bowl many times. He was integral on the robotics team, and is logical but can also think outside the proverbial box. "Sherman made the most of high school, also joining the baseball team. He quickly caught on to the sport's inane rules and was a sparkplug to the team when he got on base. Moreover, the copious provisions he brought for snacking on the bench led many of us to conclude Sherman would be an ideal partner [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Adéniké


Adéniké Northern Illinois University Major: Speech-Language Pathology Hometown: Hyde Park "Ade is an intelligent, passionate, caring individual who brightens any room she enters. It has been my pleasure and such an honor to watch Ade come into her own and grow into a confident, young woman. Ade expresses herself in a way that promotes the well-being of others; she advocates for herself and others, and I know Ade will be an asset wherever she goes because of her concern for social justice and doing the right thing. "I will miss Ade’s smile, warmth, and wonderful sense of humor; however, I know [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Savannah


Savannah Spelman College Major: English Minor: Film Hometown: Beverly "Savannah is a creative, passionate, and caring individual. In addition to having the pleasure of having her in class for the past two years, Savannah has been an active member of the school newspaper. As a senior, Savannah took on the challenging role of being the senior editor for the newspaper. Savannah’s talent for writing and expressing herself in this medium is both inspiring and impressive. Savannah has even taken the initiative to publish her writing and I am so proud of her endeavors in this area. "I know Savannah will continue [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Charles


Charles University of Chicago Major: Spanish Minors: Education and Mandarin Hometown: Washington Heights "Like Dorothy finding her way in Oz, Charles has met his challenges and found happiness along the road. He has worked hard to develop his voice in his writing, sharing his attention to detail with his readers. This year, he gave a hallmark TED talk about unconscious bias to his classmates. Even though the talk was delivered via Zoom, Charles had his audience’s full attention for the whole talk. "Inspired, engaging, and organized, he supported his talk with important statistics and anecdotes; moreover; it is the way he [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Faye


Faye Moraine Valley Community College Major: Art Hometown: Beverly "Behind the reluctant smile and strong sense of personal style lies a highly skilled and talented artist, designer, and musician. Faye is a dedicated artist with a willingness to try different media, and is always successful. Thanks to her costume designs, our Upper School actors have never looked better. "While no one can predict the future, I always imagine Faye showcasing her fashion designs on the runways of Paris Fashion Week or singing soulfully to a sold out crowd at a New York City café. No matter where she lands, I know [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Bradley


Bradley Purdue University Major: Economics Hometown: Chatham "The most exciting part of teaching is witnessing a student's process of growing up day by day. I have taught Bradley for the past six years, since seventh grade, and Mandarin has never been an easy language for him, but he committed to taking the challenge to the end and earned induction into the National Chinese Honor Society this year. "I have witnessed his growth from a boy who needed constant reminders to a mature and responsible young man. What an exciting journey with this young man in the past six years that I [...]

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Meet the Class of 2021 — Yidan


Yidan University of Minnesota Major: Animal Science Hometown: Changchun, Jilin, China "Yidan is an enthusiastic learner who enjoys school as she strives to reach her full potential. She has an inquisitive approach to learning and is observant and genuinely concerned about the feelings of others. If I am having a bad day, she will ask if I am OK and tell me that she hopes that I feel better soon. This innate ability to care for others is also expressed in her passion project, as she graciously requests donations and sells products to benefit dog shelters. It has been, without a [...]

Meet the Class of 2021 — Yidan2021-11-29T11:03:51-06:00
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