How Does a Zombie Virus Attack the Brain?


Faced with scattered reports of a zombie apocalypse, Upper School students in psychology class gathered and presented research on the effects the mysterious infection has on the human nervous system, the endocrine system, and the brain. Students sought to answer: - What areas of the body (nervous, endocrine, and brain) does the zombie virus affect? - How do the diseased areas of the brain influence the behavior of infected individuals? - What instruments would you use to diagnose the infected areas of the brain? - How can we treat the zombies? Psychology is an Upper School elective course that introduces students [...]

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Designing Your Own Historic Basilica


Seventh-graders designed their own basilicas in history class, planning, drawing, and labeling both an architectural plan and an artistic drawing of the outside of their creation. Throughout the early Christian world, these large churches were created to bring together communities after Christianity was legalized. They allowed people to have a place of worship and, for some, a place to dedicate their lives to Christ. These basilicas would become the centers of Christianity, power, and law for early Medieval Europe and beyond. Students chose from eight historic cities in locating their basilicas: Alexandria, Egypt; Aleppo, Syria; Rome, Italy; Antioch (Antakya) Turkey; Constantinople [...]

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Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19


From remote learning to safely reopening campus, Morgan Park Academy has adapted and endured during a historic year. They weren’t expecting a pandemic. But when one arrived, Morgan Park Academy faculty and staff were prepared for the unexpected. Faced with the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, they drew on deep reserves of skill and knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and dedication, working together to continue providing an exceptional educational experience for MPA students and families in an unprecedented time. Last March, faculty and staff created a full remote learning experience for 500 students and teachers with a few days’ notice, an emergency provision [...]

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Academic Challenge Team Wins Big at Regionals


Morgan Park Academy’s Academic Challenge team began its postseason push with high scores across all categories in regional competition in February 2021. Competing in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, math, and physics, MPA's 20-person team not only won more than a dozen individual medals against schools its own size, but achieved high test scores regardless of school size. Teaming up to advance to March sectionals were: seniors Emmett Campbell, Andrew DeLaney, Sabrina Eng, Charles Hendon, Frank Li, Brycen Worsham, and Wayne Zhang; juniors Tiffany Chen, Celia Echols, Dylan Hagan, Maanav Kaistha, and Merlin Mo; sophomores Orla Desmond, Selena Eng, [...]

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Lunar New Year 2021


Morgan Park Academy students marked the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Ox with a celebration of Chinese history and culture from ancient to modern times on Feb. 12, 2021. Led by our international students from China, the annual MPA event also featured students in Upper School and Middle School Mandarin language classes and saw a host of musical and dance performances and presentations about history, traditions, and popular culture. VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION VIDEOS

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Young Alumni Offer College Advice


Upper School students connected virtually with young alumni from from the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Columbia College Chicago on Feb. 5, 2021, learning about what to expect and how to succeed in college, from admissions and academics to dorm life and living away from home. Thank you to Angela, Ava, Connor, Dillon, Mena, and Zara for joining us!

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Leading Through a Pandemic


As Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Dr. Latania Logan '93 is helping Rush University Medical Center navigate the immense challenges of COVID-19. When COVID-19 first made its presence known at the start of 2020, the Department of Pediatrics at Rush University Medical Center knew that they had an enormous challenge ahead. But they also knew they had a tremendous leader to guide them. As a physician, a researcher, an associate professor, and now as Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Dr. Latania Logan ’93 had established herself as a standout. Logan is the Hospital Epidemiologist for Rush University Children's Hospital and the [...]

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