Home from college for winter break, nearly 20 young alumni visited campus Jan. 6, 2020 to talk with Morgan Park Academy students about what to expect and how to succeed in college, from admissions and academics to dorm life and living away from home.

Representing schools such as the University of Michigan, New York University, Loyola University Chicago, Claremont McKenna College, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the alumni gave students a firsthand perspective on the ways that MPA prepared them for success in college majors including international studies, computer science, music, biology and chemistry, urban planning, marketing, business, sports management, filmmaking, creative writing, and community health and economics.

No matter the size of their college or university, alumni said, they had a level of academic preparation and comfort working with a diverse array of peers and professors that many of their new classmates were still developing.

Thank you to Manny, Reese, Connor, Brenden, Noelle, Brittney, Bella, Julie, Camrin, Daniel, Zara, Mena, Angela, David, Maya, Vincent, Davey, Savi, and Sabrina for joining us!