Summer reading assignments, a classic part of the American educational experience, still play an important role at Morgan Park Academy.



We know that students who read throughout the summer are better prepared for the upcoming school year. Cultivating a love of reading, and more important, a habit of reading, all while students build better vocabularies, investigate new subjects, and improve their critical thinking skills. 

We know that students who enter college having read an average of 20 minutes a day become familiar with approximately 8 million (yes, million!) more words than students who have not established a habit of reading. Whether reading novels, magazines, articles, graphic novels, or the newspaper, students should be establishing a daily reading habit that will grow into college and beyond.

We establish our summer reading list by carefully selecting texts for grades 2-12 which align with and enhance our course curricula. These texts often contain connections to subjects and themes that we will be discussed during the school year. We ask students to read carefully and thoughtfully, so that when discussions in the class begin, students can experience meaningful and authentic learning with their peers. 

Beyond our selections, we hope that students also will explore more subjects through reading in the summer.

More than ever, comprehensive reading and communication skills are vital for students. Being able to read carefully, thoughtfully, and most important, critically is not just needed, but demanded in today’s society. As more of our communication with each other is done through writing and reading, students who establish permanent reading habits will succeed.

By Sandra Burgess

Ms. Burgess teaches Middle School humanities classes and leads development of our English curriculum.