Morgan Park Academy seniors and other Upper School students received a host of annual awards at Awards Night and Senior Breakfast. Additional awards will be presented at Commencement on July 25, 2020.

Cum Laude Society — Jason Chen, Annika Echols, Alexandre Fleming, DeAngelo Fletcher, Abbey Haynes, Celeste Kettaneh, Kaitlyn Mullings

Awarded to seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence by ranking in the top 20% of the graduating class. Students in the Cum Laude Society receive pins and certificates and wear gold caps at Commencement to signify their membership.

Christine Linnerud ’01 Alumni Association Best Female Athlete Award: Samaria Harris

Selection is made on the basis of total “points” accumulation during four years of varsity and junior varsity participation. To receive this award, a student must have attended the Academy for at least three years of high school and must have played on two varsity teams.

Drown Family Character and Citizenship Award: Elijah Ferguson

Recognizes a senior who embodies the best of the Academy, demonstrating good character and integrity, enthusiasm for and involvement in student life, a positive attitude, and a strong academic success. The scholarship award is to be used at the discretion of the graduating senior to enrich his or her college experience.

Senior Art Award: Kennedy Olguin

Awarded to the senior with the most outstanding record in art, based on artistic activities and production, as determined by the Upper School art instructor.

Senior Music Award: Alexandre Fleming (Vocal) and Matthew Manning (Instrumental)

Awarded to the seniors with the most outstanding record in music, based on musical activities and productions determined by the Upper School music instructors.

Senior Drama Award: Jordan Phillips

Awarded to the senior with the most outstanding record in drama, based on dramatic activities and production, as determined by the Upper School drama instructor.

Senior World Language Awards: Kaitlyn Mullings (French), DeAngelo Fletcher (Mandarin), Annika Echols (Spanish)

Gold plaques are awarded to the seniors with the highest cumulative academic averages in each world language during Upper School.

Senior Social Studies Award: Dillon Leonard

A gold plaque is awarded to the senior with the highest cumulative academic average in social studies and humanities, including at least one social studies elective, during the four years.

Senior Journalism Award: Andrea Butts

Awarded to the senior with the most outstanding record in journalism, based on journalistic endeavors, as determined by the humanities curriculum leader in conjunction with the sponsors of the various journalism activities.

Arthur A. Baer Senior English Award: DeAngelo Fletcher

A gold plaque is awarded to the senior who has shown the most diligence, talent, and passion for English and has maintained an excellent cumulative average over four years.

Annie E. Heath Mathematics Award: Jason Chen

A gold plaque is awarded to the senior with the greatest initiative, work ethic, innate abilities, achievements, and passion in the study of mathematics over four years.

Dr. Larry Brown Science Award: Jason Chen

A gold plaque is awarded to the senior with the highest cumulative academic average in science over four years.

Illinois Science Teachers Association Science Award: Kennedy Olguin

Awarded to the student who most clearly demonstrates outstanding leadership, academic achievement, and interest in the field of science. The recipient is selected by the science faculty.

“We’ll Never Forget You” Award: Dillon Leonard

Awarded to the senior judged “most unforgettable” by the Upper School faculty.

Head of School Book Awards: Kelsey Ramski and Adair Zou

Mrs. Sheppard selects a few seniors for special recognition.

Arts Achievement: Kioni Green (Art), Celia Echols (Drama), Hunter Vujevic (Music)

Awarded to students with the highest achievement in the areas of art, music, and drama, based on academic achievement, activities, and performance.

Thespian Award: Hailey Brisard and Alex Coe

Awarded to the student(s) judged as the best thespians for the school year.

National Honor Society: Inductees – Ida Bao, Emmett Campbell, Tiffany Chen, Elijah Davis, Andrew Delaney, Charles Hendon, Maanav Kaistha, Frank Li, Lydia Liu, Merlin Mo, Chris Skawiniak, Hunter Vujevic; Members – Brandon Chan, Jason Chen, Annika Echols, Amari Green, Samaria Harris, Abbey Haynes, Anthony Jurek, Celeste Kettaneh, Kaitlyn Mullings, Kennedy Olguin

Membership in the Morgan Park Academy chapter of the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty based on the criteria of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. Eligible candidates must: be members of the junior or senior class; have been enrolled at the Academy for at least one semester; have a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.70; and be strong in areas of service, leadership, and character.

National Chinese Honor Society: Alexandre Fleming, DeAngelo Fletcher, Abbey Haynes, Anthony Jurek, Samuela Kosipa

Spanish Honor Society: Annika Echols and Samaria Harris

French Honor Society: Celeste Kettaneh, Olga Mourgelas, Kaitlyn Mullings

Book Awards: Andrew Cabrera (World History), Emmett Campbell (English), Andrew Delaney (Chemistry), Dylan Hagan (Biology), Charles Hendon (Spanish), Maanav Kaistha (U.S. History), Samuela Kosipa (Mandarin), Frank Li (French), Merlin Mo (Math)

Awarded to students who have demonstrated the greatest interest or who have had the highest academic average this school year in various subjects. In case of a tie, the student in an honors or AP section or the student in the higher grade will be given preference. Selected by curriculum leaders.

International Quill and Scroll Honor Society: Hannah Sipich and Andrea Butts

Awarded for outstanding journalistic endeavors.

Student Council Civic Achievement Award: Kennedy Olguin

Awarded by Student Council to for outstanding contribution in school activities outside of Student Council.

Parents Association Art Award: Kennedy Olguin

One piece of art is selected by vote of the Parents Association as most outstanding for this school year. A copy of the print is made, with the artist receiving one copy, framed, and the other assuming a place of honor on display in the Arts Center.

Illinois State Scholars: Annika Echols and DeAngelo Fletcher

These scholars are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank. Eligible students must also be U.S. citizens who reside in Illinois. State Scholars rank in approximately the top 10 percent of high school seniors, representing hundreds of high schools across the state.

BLASE Scholarship Award: Brooklyn Godfrey

Made by possible through the generosity of MPA alumni Carol Harewood, Shaneah Taylor, Michele Jeffrey Batkins, Tialyr Winters, and Dr. Lauren Lewis, the BLASE Scholarship Award (Black Ladies Achieving Success & Equity) goes to a Black girl who is finishing her sophomore year, as chosen by the Upper School faculty. In addition to a $2,500 scholarship award, the winner receives mentorship and support from five alumni who have found professional success in medicine, education, journalism, public health, international development, and culinary arts.

House Cup: Malcolm House (captain Sofia Clute)

The MPA house system provides a framework for intramural, athletic, charity, fundraising, and community competitions. Students win points for participation in all facets of school life, including academic achievement, co-curricular involvement, good deeds, and volunteer work. At the end of the year, the house with the most points wins the cup.