The orators and performers of the Upper School forensic speech team wrapped up a busy winter competition season with a strong performance at regionals last weekend.

Competing in a variety of categories for the fourth weekend in a row, students delivered speeches, both prepared and impromptu, and performed dramatic and comedic scenes, either alone or with a partner.

This season, senior Anthony Jurek competed in the impromptu speech event, which called for him to give an unrehearsed, six-minute speech that he had two minutes to organize after receiving a prompt.

The senior pairs of Abbey Haynes & LaDaeja Orr and DeAngelo Fletcher & Alex Fleming competed as comedic acting duos, with freshman Shawn Shi also performing solo in comedic interpretation.

In the dramatic categories, senior Tess Kadri performed a solo dramatic interpretation, junior Sabrina Eng delivered her own original oratory, and freshman Selena Eng gave a prose reading from Edgar Allen Poe.

For the oratorical declamation event, sophomore Jackson Glanton delivered, from memory, an eight-minute selection from “Fall Forward,” an acclaimed commencement address that Denzel Washington gave at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

“Regardless of where they place, each member of the club gains public speaking experience which bolsters their self-confidence,” said faculty advisor Meg Carey, who teaches Upper School English. “Most important, it’s a fun club that gives our students an outlet for self-expression. Our motto, like the all-school theme this year, is Find Your Voice.”