MPA sixth-graders enjoyed a unique resource this week in their study of ancient history: a video chat with Dr. Jen Thum, an archaeologist and Egyptologist at Harvard University.

Thum told students about her museum work at Harvard and fielded their questions about her path to becoming an archaeologist, the “coolest thing” she’s ever found in her field work, and what kind of job she’d have if she lived in ancient Egypt.

“The kids had great questions and Dr. Jen has all the answers,” said Colleen Amberg, who teaches sixth-grade history and English.

The class met Thum through Skype a Scientist, an initiative that matches scientists with classrooms and groups of adults for Q&A sessions over video chat.

Students also are scheduled to chat with geoarchaeologist Miriam Rothenberg about volcanic archaeology in the Mediterranean when they study Greece and Rome this spring.