Cheers to the faculty and staff who marked milestone years at MPA this school year!

We are deeply grateful for the countless contributions to our community made over many years by:

  • fourth-grade teacher Harriet Arnold (35 years)
  • English teacher Claire Concannon (30 years)
  • first-grade teacher Beth Ferguson (30 years)
  • Spanish teacher Gloria Ortiz (20 years)
  • grounds crew veteran Mike Kalinowski (10 years)
  • school nurse Nerissa Conley (5 years)
  • educational technology coordinator Shavonne Terry (5 years)
  • school counselor Jennifer Stec (5 years)
  • preschool teacher Bridget Goggin (5 years)
  • math teacher Catie McAlister (5 years)
  • and assistant to the head of school and rentals coordinator Veronica Carrillo (5 years).

Thank you, all!