Northern Illinois University

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Morgan Park

“Zach often is quiet, but he is always listening intently. He is extremely smart and knows about more topics than you can imagine. On one of our Project Week experiences, he was almost like having an additional tour guide, with everything that he was contributing to our experience with additional information on Chicago history, architecture, and more. It was really fun to have him along.

“In math class, Zach asks questions that demonstrate his ability to make connections and think deeply about the concepts we are studying, taking our class discussion to another level. It wasn’t unusual for him to present me with a high-level question that required additional research beyond the scope of our class.

“I have no doubt that whatever Zach decides to do in the future, he will put everything into that pursuit. I can’t wait to see what he will do next.”

— Math teacher Catie McAlister