Howard University

Major: Biology (Pre-Med)
Hometown: South Loop

“Stephen Hawking’s observation that ‘Quiet people have the loudest mind’ perfectly captures Matthew. Behind Matthew’s calm and earnest demeanor is a young man with exceptional talents and diverse interests.

“He is passionate and dedicated to his musical pursuits and has thrived in mastering the cello over the past nine years. However, his talents extend beyond his phenomenal musical skills to live recording and technology.

“His love for science adds a different dimension to his personality. Reading an animal encyclopedia for the love of knowledge and volunteering at the Humane Society are just two examples of his positive, thoughtful, and inquiring nature that is intertwined with his desire to work with animals.

“His caring personality and his desire to help make him a natural leader. Matthew is a positive influence on everyone around him and will continue to blossom wherever life may lead him, making the world around him a kinder place.”

— College counselor Archana Desai