Bradley University

Major: Advertising & Public Relations
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Chatham

“I first met Andrea when she asked to move up from Spanish 4 Honors to Spanish 5 Honors. She was adamant that she needed the challenge and confident that she could meet it. Well, she was right!

“Andrea not only has a knack for language, but she has a genuine interest to learn and desire to improve. She puts her best foot forward in everything she does, both inside and outside of the classroom.

“She embodies Frank Smith’s observation about language being ‘a social gift’ that welcomes a person into ‘the community of speakers of that language.’ Throughout the year, she and Annika would be chatting away in Spanish outside the classroom all over campus.

“Andrea is hardworking, passionate, and relentless in her desire to gain more knowledge in all she does. It has been a pleasure to teach her.”

— Spanish teacher Ashley Perisee