Sophomore Wins 2 Medals at State Academic Challenge


Despite a tournament reorganization that kept our Academic Challenge team from competing as a group at the virtual state finals, we are proud that sophomore Merlin Mo nabbed two individual medals to continue MPA’s 25-year history of success in this math, science, and engineering competition. Merlin placed fourth in physics and fourth in engineering graphics after being one of five MPA students to win medals at last year’s state finals. The Academic Challenge is a competitive series of tests created by a team of academic experts and previously administered by the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) program in the [...]

Sophomore Wins 2 Medals at State Academic Challenge2020-07-15T11:49:52-05:00

Meet the Class of 2020 — Anthony


Anthony Knox College Major: Mathematics Minor: Mandarin Hometown: Beverly “Anthony often observes the maneuverings around him from a quiet perch; he evaluates, decodes, and considers events and people, examining them in light of his own experience. Having gentle gems like him in the classroom is a gift. “With his peaceful and thoughtful presence, Anthony brings multilayered regard to the classroom. His well-considered perspectives are reflective of deeply studied evaluation, bringing new viewpoints borne out of dispassionate and objective review, rather than emotion. “Anthony’s presence in the classroom and in the halls of MPA, while quiet and often initially unseen, is powerful [...]

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Snapshot: Spanish 3 Children’s Stories


Upper School students in Spanish 3 worked on their writing and pronunciation skills by revisiting some classic children's stories. They listened to audio versions of "Caperucita Roja" ("Little Red Riding Hood"), "El Patito Feo" ("The Ugly Duckling"), and "Los Tres Cerditos" ("The Three Little Pigs"), transcribing each story by ear, and then chose one of their transcribed stories to read aloud. Michaela reads "Caperucita Roja" ("Little Red Riding Hood") Nora reads "El Patito Feo" ("The Ugly Duckling") Arnav reads "Los Tres Cerditos" ("The Three Little Pigs")

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Snapshot: Fourth Grade Wax Museum


Fourth-graders recorded their "wax museum" projects from home this spring, performing presentations as historical figures who come to life at the press of a button. Let them introduce you to Simone Biles, Neil Armstrong, Frederick Douglass, Dr. Laurie Marker, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Madam C.J. Walker, and many more! WATCH VIDEOS

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Brandon


Brandon New York University Major: Sports Management Hometown: Hong Kong “In a world — and at an age — when conformity is the norm, an independent mind is a treasure. It allows the thinker to avoid the ‘blind belief’ that Albert Einstein called ‘the enemy of truth.’ “In his academic and athletic endeavors, Brandon exemplifies this independence. His actions and positions are swayed not by the thoughts of others but are the product of his own conclusions of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral. “In the classroom, Brandon shared his unique voice, often advocating positions contrary to those [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Annika


Annika Northwestern University Major: Spanish Hometown: Beverly and Flossmoor “Always smart, sweet, and eager to learn, Annika was quiet until recently. She was a good girl and a traditionally good student. Looking back, this was perhaps her caterpillar form. Over the years she has added strength of will and a sense of purpose to that caterpillar. “The search for these things is never easy and in this effort she went through a chrysalis form as she searched for her passions and found ways to explore her love of language, her musical talent, and more. “We are now seeing the emerging butterfly [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Abbey


Abbey Loyola University Chicago Major: Environmental Science Minor: Mandarin Hometown: Whiting, Indiana “Abbey is humble, respectful, and temperate on one side, and on the other side of her personality, she shows determination, responsibility, and passion as a real leader and a willingness to step out her comfort zone and take challenges. “She danced at so many cultural events with her friends from Mandarin class, but I was most impressed by the courage, persistence, and hard work that Abbey displayed in moving from a back-row role to center stage. No wonder she has been such a good Student Council president.” — Mandarin [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Andrea


Andrea Bradley University Major: Advertising & Public Relations Minor: Spanish Hometown: Chatham “I first met Andrea when she asked to move up from Spanish 4 Honors to Spanish 5 Honors. She was adamant that she needed the challenge and confident that she could meet it. Well, she was right! “Andrea not only has a knack for language, but she has a genuine interest to learn and desire to improve. She puts her best foot forward in everything she does, both inside and outside of the classroom. “She embodies Frank Smith’s observation about language being ‘a social gift’ that welcomes a person [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Celeste


Celeste University of Michigan Major: Neuroscience (Pre-Med) Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana “This year's valedictorian epitomizes Gandhi’s statement that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Celeste has been an invaluable member of the Service Council, keeping the group running smoothly the past two years. “Organized, motivated, and helpful, Celeste has a commitment to service that is unmatched by any other student whom I have taught. Her passion for helping others is a key component of her character. She goes above and beyond not only with the Service Council but with all of her [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Shane


Shane Michigan State University Major: Electrical Engineering Hometown: Shenzhen, China “Shane maintains a good attitude and impresses everyone around him in good times and bad. He also has a slightly mischievous side. While he always demonstrates the utmost respect in class, his quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor come out in conversation with his peers. “When paired with his intellectual ability, it demonstrates just how much Shane can achieve. We cannot wait to see what is in store for him.” — Science teacher Jeanne Pagliaro >> MEET THE CLASS OF 2020

Meet the Class of 2020 — Shane2020-05-11T16:27:25-05:00
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