Meet the Class of 2020 — Drew


Drew Hampton University Major: Business Administration Minor: Communications Hometown: South Holland “Drew’s love for performing and singing, church, and her family are apparent to everyone who gets to know her. But it is her enthusiasm to tackle everything with optimism and a general zest for life that sets her apart. “Her loyalty to her friends and her desire to help are admirable. Drew is never afraid to confront issues and is remarkably candid about expressing herself — always with a smile on her face. She exudes positivity and a quiet determination to never let a challenge dissuade or derail her. “Drew [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Alex


Alex School of the Art Institute of Chicago Major: Studio Art Hometown: Blue Island “A dedicated scholar, Alex could always be counted on for thoughtful contributions to class discussions, putting forward his ideas in a quiet, organized, and factual way. He is a passionate, skilled visual artist, a gifted singer, and a charismatic stage performer who went out on a high note with his portrayal of Billy Flynn in this year’s production of the musical Chicago. “I will miss the cartoon doodles he would draw in the corner of our classroom white board, in his notebooks, or on his friends’ hands. [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Daniel


Daniel New York University Major: Economics Hometown: Beijing, China “Responsible, responsive, and independent, Daniel is a great student who enjoys computers and computer science and also has a creative, artistic side. He was a very accomplished piano player for the concert band and helped launch an e-sports club whose foundation appears built to last.” — Music teacher Michael Ellis >> MEET THE CLASS OF 2020

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Ava


Ava University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Major: Political Science Minor: Slavic Languages and Literature Hometown: Hyde Park “Ava is such a warm-hearted and compassionate young lady. Whenever someone is having a bad day, she is able to intuitively perceive their emotions and is quick with a comforting word or a compliment. That shows she is humane, genuinely looks out for her friends, and is naturally capable of cheering those around her. “Ava is not afraid to speak her mind and express how she feels about things and she embraces what others feel without judgment. I will never forget her lovely and [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Olga


Olga DePaul University Major: Applied Diplomacy Minor: French Hometown: Palos Hills “One of the most gifted singers I have seen at MPA, Olga has grown into a passionate, hard-working, and determined force of nature. “Our first stage production together was when she played Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians in fifth grade. She burst through the curtains for her big number, belting ‘Call! Me! Miss de Vil!’ — and she has remained a showstopper since then, including this year’s portrayal of Velma Kelly in the musical Chicago. “Olga also is a talented guitarist, and beyond music, she has a fierce desire [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Jason


Jason University of California, San Diego Major: Communications Hometown: Shanghai, China “Jason is an exemplary student and a wonderful human being whose curiosity and passion for learning epitomize the lifelong learner. “While consistently working to meet and exceed his own high standards, he also shows a deep respect for others and their views. He is open to different perspectives and this openness will serve him well as he challenges himself in higher education and beyond. “I have really appreciated Jason’s thoughtful demeanor as he always greets people with sincerity and a smile. It has been my pleasure to be a part [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Hailey


Hailey Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University Major: Musical Theatre Hometown: East Beverly “We will all remember Hailey’s amazing performances on stage in Baer Theater, capped by a fantastic portrayal of Roxie Hart in this year’s production of the musical Chicago. “Hailey’s love of and skill at performing, especially in musical theatre, spreads joy to everyone around her. When she lights up the stage, I completely forget she’s playing a character and get immersed in the show. She embodies the Bette Davis quote that through ‘wonder and insight’ acting ‘becomes creation.’ “I am thankful that Hailey shared her passion [...]

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Exploring New Orleans History, Culture & Service


In addition to the annual Global Week experiences that are part of our student curriculum each March, MPA faculty also lead optional domestic and international trips for students each year. Students in grades 5-8 have the option of participating in annual February travel experiences with classmates and faculty around the Presidents Day holiday. These alternate in successive years between international, language-immersion trips and domestic trips focused on culture and service. Trips offered in February 2020 included an exploration of culture and history, service, and environmental sustainability in New Orleans for fifth- and sixth-graders. >> SEE MORE PHOTOS Students and faculty were [...]

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Meet the Class of 2020 — Chloe


Chloe Roosevelt University Major: Computer Networking Hometown: Pullman “One of the most distinctive things about Chloe is her laugh. You can hear her laugh from one floor away, and it is infectious with its happy timbre. "My favorite memory about Chloe is when she led her Speech Club teammates in making up a story about Lady Sarah, the 'house ghost' of Alumni Hall. With each turn the story became sillier and sillier, and by the end of the story, Lady Sarah was our club’s unofficial mascot — because after all, she wanders the halls looking for people to listen to her [...]

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